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Projects on Ramen

Ramen projects are hand selected by our staff. You can learn more about our selection process here.

The Ramen Recipe

How it works

  • Gather your blueprints

    Outline the details of your project eloquently & beautifully so you can show it off to the world.

  • Get customers

    Selling pre-orders through Ramen’s unique crowdfunding platform means you get your first customers right out of the gate.

  • Learn about your customers

    Gather intel and details about who’s backing your project with Ramen’s in-depth backer insights.

  • Get funded and collaborate

    Once you’ve hit your goal, you gain access to Ramen’s highly powerful collaboration platform, or what we like to call ‘The Kitchen’.

  • Unlock partner discounts

    In The Kitchen, you’ll gain access to tons of free services. We’ve partnered with Pivotal Tracker, SendGrid, Moz & many more to save you money, and get your project up and running ASAP.

  • Prioritize features

    Building features your customers aren’t interested in is a waste of time and money. Let your customers help prioritize the features for you: They’ll tell you what they want to see, so you know what to build first.

  • Get feedback on your design

    Using our design collaboration tool, you can get feedback on the mockups of your product & make changes quickly to accommodate your customer’s input.

  • Interact with your backers

    Create conversations around your product and ideas to keep your customers engaged, and to keep your team informed. After all, you are building this for them!

  • Launch your MVP

    With Ramen, you’ll build a better product the first time, and you’ll have the happy, satisfied and engaged customer base to prove it.

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