Get Aligned With Ramen

Share what you're working on with your customers and collaborate to build a better product.

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  • Create a Project

    Projects are where you collaborate with your customers and share features you are working on.

  • Invite Your Team

    Build a company culture around open collaboration on features and projects with your community.

  • Add Some Features

    Add features to your project that have been recently deployed, features you're currently working on, and features that you want to release in the future. Convey a roadmap for where you want to take your product and share it with the world or just your community.

  • Invite Your Community

    Share your Align page with the world and invite your community to collaborate with you... OR build a private collaboration community, it's up to you. Your community could be a makeup of customers, internal teams members or whomever you want to collaborate with.

  • Align With Your Customers Weekly

    Get the most value out of Ramen by engaging with your community. Every week, take time to make sure conversations are not getting cold, updates are being sent, and your community understands what you're working on.

  • Measure The Results

    Track feature usage with Ramen.js and get a better idea if the features you're shipping are living up to expectations.

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