About Ramen

A software platform that provides a new way to collect, organize, and analyze all the information you need to really understand your users.

The Product

As products become more complex, and the average consumer of software becomes less “technical” but more “tech savvy”, the bar for product market fit and for product quality is being raised across the board. Companies of all sizes and industries struggle to understand the people using their apps, what they want and how to innovate together with their users.

Ramen is a software platform built to help SaaS teams collaborate with their users more effectively so that they spend more time building the right things. Salespeople have brands like Salesforce, and marketers have brands like Marketo, product people now have Ramen.

We envision Ramen as being what we like to call a Product Success Platform: a place where you can easily collaborate with your users to build what they need, have actionable intelligence to make those hard product decisions, and then validate their effectiveness with data.

Ramen Colors

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