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Whether you're a Founder of a new company that's still trying to figure out if your product is going to really scale, or a Founder of an established company that just wants to ask a quick question of a few hundred people to scratch that quizzical itch, Ramen can help.

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Why are your new users signing up?

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Which people are thinking of churning?

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Cut through the noise and make data-driven decisions

You are either struggling to get even the tiniest amount of feedback to help drive your product direction, or you are drowning in feedback and feature requests. Ramen can help you increase the signal to noise ratio by giving you a way to ask questions that a) are answered up to 40% of the time, and b) can be targetted in a precise manner.

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What types of people are actually using your product?

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Are your users confused during onboarding?

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Figure out what people need

Everyone in your company works like crazy to make sure the right people are signing up and the right features are being built. Now it's your job: make sure those people are using that feature correctly. Ramen can help you identify if users are hitting roadblocks along the way to being successful.

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Are people so frustrated they're thinking of churning?

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Are people confused during onboarding?

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Achieve and Maintain Product-Marketing Fit

Some people think marketing is just about getting people to pages, but you know better. Marketing is also about understanding what the market needs from your product, and using that information to inform Sales, Product, Engineering, and Customer Success what they need to do. Use Ramen to get that feedback, and achieve Product-Marketing Fit more easily than ever before.

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How are people really finding you?

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Collect user testimonials

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What is actually driving people to sign up?

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Our advanced targeting engine lets you ask questions that people respond to up to 40% of the time.

Ask Tactical Product Questions

Use our advanced question targeting engine to ask questions to unique audiences to understand how their needs differ from the rest.

Discover How People are Using Features

Setup a question to only appear when a user clicks a button, visits a specific URL, or completes an action.

Validate New Features

Ask users about their experience with new functionality while the experience is fresh in their minds.

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We've Made This Easy for You

Easy Installation

We've made installing our simple JavaScript snippet even easier via options like our Ruby on Rails gem, Python/PHP examples, and our integration with Segment.com. Need help getting installed? Fifteen minutes with our CEO is just a click away.

Built for the Mobile Web

From the ground up, Ramen was built to be mobile first, and that includes our question pop-ups. Your users won't have to squint to read what you're asking them when they're on their phones.

It's Your Data

We'll never hold your data hostage. Our Webhooks functionality, combined with a service like Zapier, means you can access your Ramen data in real-time..

Built to Scale

Our product is built to help you make sense of thousands of responses, and our infrastructure was built to handle as much traffic as you can throw at it.

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Incredible Value. Perfectly Priced.



  • 1,000 monthly active users
  • 20,000 monthly anonymous visitors
  • Unlimited active questions
  • Custom Trait Segmentation
  • All lower plan features



  • 2,000 monthly active users
  • 40,000 monthly anonymous visitors
  • Access to all Ramen Add-ons
  • All lower plan features



  • 10,000 monthly active users
  • 200,000 monthly anonymous visitors
  • $10 / 1,000 MAC overage
  • All lower plan features

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  • >50,000 monthly active users
  • All lower plan features

Forever Free Plan: 500 monthly active users; 10,000 monthly anonymous visitors; 2 active questions; Access to NPS and Webhooks Add-ons.

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Our JavaScript snippet can be installed in seconds thanks to multiple integrations like Ruby on Rails, Segment.com and Eager.io.


When do I start paying?

Ramen has a generous free plan that allows you to play around, install it into your product, and start getting value out of it. When it comes time to pay, we'll send you an email. Three things will take you out of our free plan: having over 500 unique users log into your app in a single month, activating more than 2 questions at once, or using premium functionality such as advanced Audiences.

What is "monthly active users"?

A user is someone who logs into your application. We only charge you based on the # of users that login that month. If you have a lot of users churning, you shouldn't be paying for them. Inside Ramen, users can be grouped together into Companies, so you can view things at that level as well.

How do I install RamenJS?

You'll either need to use Segment.com or have a developer install the RamenJS code on your site. We have detailed instructions here. There is also a Rails Gem, our integration with Segment.com, and extensive examples to make the process painless. It should take 15 minutes to an hour to get it up and running.

What is "social data append"?

Whenever you send us a new user, we will automatically take their e-mail address and run it through FullContact, which will give us all sorts of data about them: demographics, location, social profiles, Twitter followers, LinkedIn jobs, avatars, and more. This data can then be used when targeted questions and segmenting responses.

What is "custom trait segmentation"?

When you install Ramen, you'll send us some basic information about your users like name and email. In addition to that, you can pass whatever trait data you want: their language, their pricing tier, usage numbers, anything. You can pass us this trait data at all pricing levels, and you can use it when writing questions thanks to our Liquid Templates. However, the ability to target questions based on these attributes (ie. only show this to people in a certain pricing tier) is a premium feature.

Dogs or cats?

Blake :)

My site gets a ton of traffic. Can you handle it?

Yup. Our engineers know all the buzzwords and acronyms. We can handle it.

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