Ramen Features

Question Features

  • Yes/No Questions

    Do you like these features? Yes. Yes you do.

  • Open-ended Questions

    Also known as "write-in" answers.

  • Multiple Choice Questions

    Up to 5 possible responses.

  • Net Promoter Score

    Advanced NPS allows you to ask in-app NPS and segment the results.

  • Post Answer Control

    Redirect or Javascript callback based on answer.


  • URL Matching

    Simple URL matching or exclusion.

  • Regular Expression Targeting

    Advanced URL matching for tricky URL formats.

  • Custom Audiences

    Target questions to a select segment of people based on attributes you define.

Look and Feel

  • Custom Icon Branding

    Customize the Ramen anchor icon when a question pops up.

  • CSS

    Full CSS control over colors, fonts and location of the Ramen anchor and questions.

  • Liquid Templating

    Personalize the text in Questions and Responses based on who is being asked with Liquid Markup.


  • Slack Integration

    Get notified of question responses and data about new users in your Slack environment. This is rad, we use it ourselves.

  • Advanced Integrations

    Using Webhooks you can easily pump your data out to other services like Zapier, ZenDesk, Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, MailChimp, etc..

Installation Options

  • Javascript

    Our tried and true method of getting up and going in minutes.

  • Segment.com

    Install Ramen and send data from all your other Segment apps into Ramen.

  • Eager.io

    Install apps like Ramen on your website in seconds.

  • Wordpress

    You can use Eager's Wordpress plugin to install Ramen with no developer time required.

  • Joomla

    You can use Eager's Joomla plugin to install Ramen with no developer time required.

  • Drupal

    You can use Eager's Drupal
 plugin to install Ramen with no developer time required.