Level’ing up our NPS game & announcing conditional follow-up questions

May 27, 2016 Comments

Today we have two awesome new features to tell you about: Customizable NPS & Conditional Follow-ups

Customizable NPS

You can now customize the NPS question and responses. Traditionally, the NPS question takes the following form:

How likely are you to recommend [Product] to a friend or colleague?

With responses ranging from 0 (Not Likely) to 10 (Very Likely).

This language is intended to be very specific. For example, someone reading the question with the text “or colleague” removed from the initial question might answer 0 because they wouldn’t recommend your product to their friend while they’d rave about it to co-workers.

However, we’ve decided to make this customizable for two key reasons: we want to enable Ramen to be usable by any language on earth, and we understand that sometimes the ‘Product Name’ needs to be customized.

You can also customize the responses, so instead of 0 through 10, you could use Kangi :)

Ramen NPS in Japanese
Ramen NPS in Japanese

Custom Follow-ups

You can also now customize your follow-up questions on a per-response basis:

Custom Follow-up Questions
Custom Follow-up Questions

This is a great way to get a little more data from customers in a structured fashion. Even though follow-up questions are always open-ended, asking your customers pointed follow-ups related to their initial answer is lot better than just asking “Tell us more”, and our data show that custom follow-ups enjoy much higher response rates.

That it’s for now. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to our customers in the United States!

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