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May 18, 2016 Comments

Ramen Translation

Starting today, the text in the Ramen question popup is completely customizable at the Organization level. Everything from the button text to the placeholder text inside the open ended text area field, all the fields are editable. Just head over to Settings > Translation and you’ll get all the options you could want:

Showing Ramen Translations

Resetting the Fields

To reset the text, just leave the fields blank and hit save. The fields will automatically be reset to their original values.

Translation vs. Localization/Internationalization

It’s important to note that this release does not mean we support ‘localization’ or ‘internationalization’ (the latter of which is sometimes referred to as “I18n”). When you use the translation feature, you are changing the strings for everyone. This is handy if all your customers speak a language different from Ramen (or if you want to switch your questions to Pirate for April Fools day 😎 ), but there is no way to dynamically change the language displayed based on user preferences.

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